Image accreditations.

Modus Novels did not feature all self created imagery, and used images from other sites for some of it’s products, these sites are listed below in relation to their product name and image location .

Grace A Memoir:

grace bio outside:

grace bio inside:

grace bio inside image & grace bio outside front:

All Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty images:

Tom Ford: Ten Years

Tom Ford bio outside:

Tom Ford Bio outer and back cover & Tom Ford Inside page:

Dior by Dior

Dior by Dior Front Cover:

Vogue: The Gown

vogue gown case:

Vogue gown outside:

vogue gown inside & vogue gown outside book cover:

The Anatomy of Fashion

Anatomy of fashion front and side cover:

Anatomy of Fashion Front cover:

Anatomy of Fashion Inside Cover:

Suitcase Magazine Issue 11.

All images:

Suitcase Magazine Issue 12.

All images:

Suitcase Magazine Issue 13:

All images:

Grace: Thirty Years at Vogue:

grace outside:’t

grace front cover:

grace inside:

Grace and book:

Alexander McQueen: The life and the Legacy:

legacy & legacy back:

legacy inside:

Inside Vogue: A diary of my 100th year:

All images:













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