Business Idea: Summery of the plan and audience.

Modus Novels is a new E-Commerce business website, developed with the aim and ambition of re-selling objects of fashion literature that are no longer required by others; essentially a second-hand product. This can either be in its literal sense of novels or back issues of magazines.

This is a highly diverse field which can appeal to many different target audiences. Depending upon which products are sold, this can affect the buying audience. For instance, Biographies and older editions of fashion magazines will appeal to an adult/teenage audience who enjoy the pursuit of furthering their knowledge of the fashion industry in both a historical and modern context. To summarise, as this business proposition will suit a large variety of ages it’s important to note that the target audience are people who enjoy fashion and visual pieces of literature.

An example of a site which represents part of this idea is (, 2016). Crazyaboutmagazines is a website which crazyaboutmagazines allows  the customer to search from a broad variety of vintage magazines from fashion to comics which they can then purchase. These are magazines which now would no longer be in print, making them particularly unique to the consumer. Visually as a site crazyaboutmagazines is a bit bland and messy, while it uses relevant colour schemes it fails to engage the reader.The banner is a repetition of the same image and lacks a distinctive and clear logo. In further criticism the space of the page is not used to it’s full potential, the navigation/ categories list is closer to the centre of the page, when most people would prefer it to be at the edge.

Secondly worldofbooks (, 2016) is a site which sells pre-used books at a discounted price, which is of use to people with a smaller budget who may not be able to afford new editions of books, an example of someone in this category would be a student, who requires the resources but otherwise do not want to pay the full RRP for a new print. Mworld of books.pnguch like, crazyaboutmagazines it sells a vast variety of products, some examples include health, personal development and I.T. In comparison to crazyaboutmagazines, worldofbooks is far more appealing visually. From first contact it appears more organised and easy to navigate, the entirety of the page is populated with a logo that is distinctive, unique and easy to remember.

To conclude the E-commerce site should be targeted to fashion enthusiasts , this may be a large target audience but generally includes teenagers to adults. Visually we want the page to be appealing at first glance, it should be easy to navigate with relevant colour schemes that engages the reader persuading them to buy.


References (2016). Buy Old Magazines UK | Back Issues | CrazyAboutMagazines. [online] Available at: [Accessed 3 Oct. 2016]. (2016). Welcome to World of Books | Cheapest Used Books. [online] Available at: [Accessed 3 Oct. 2016].








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