Colour scheme’s an analysis.

Colour schemes are a highly essential part of any web page, it is noted that “90% of our assessment of a product is made on colour alone” (Design School, 2016) it is part of what draws us into a website making us want to stay and purchase goods. When devising a colour scheme, it is important to take into consideration other external factors that the viewer may experience, for instance colour blindness. It is well documented that Facebook is blue because Mark Zuckerberg is red-green colour blind (Design School, 2016) meaning that blue is the most effective colour for him to recognise. Considering the importance of colour schemes to websites below Modus Novels have conducted some research into similar market sites. (British Vogue, 2016)


Vogue uses a monochromatic colour scheme in the main title and menu’s. Overall the site maintains a monochromatic colour scheme throughout, with the use of a deep red when hovering over links to emphasise an offer or deal.

vogue-red-hover (SUITCASE Magazine, 2016)


Suitcase is another example of a fashion (and travel) site that uses a monochrome colour scheme, utilising the colours white, black, and grey to create a simple yet effective website. However, unlike vogue when hovering over menu options it does not highlight text in an alternative colour. Suitcase is very basic in its colour scheme however its simplicity is effective to the audience. (NET-A-PORTER, 2016)



Porter is another example of a fashion site which utilises the monochrome colour scheme, when hovering over menu options the colour scheme switches so instead of a black background with white text it is a white background with black text, demonstrating a consistency across the site with a dedication to a minimalist colour scheme and aesthetic.

Modus Novels

own colour.png

Modus Novels have opted to keep the minimal theme. To add some additional visual appeal to the page they have decided to include a deep shade of yellow in highlighting, which is consistent across the site, in addition to being unisex and easily visible to the viewer.


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