Additional Features – What and Why?

The internet has become a vastly diverse space for business owners and content creators, it’s no wonder when WordPress powers 24% of all internet websites (, n.d.) that the competition for online diversity and user appeal is ever growing and changing. Hence why many modern websites contain additional features to attract and retain customers, these features additionally can help tell company stories (Vocell, 2015) and values, bridging the relationship gap between online stores and the consumer. Modus Novels conducted research into companies to discover what additional services they provide customers with.

Waterstones (, n.d.b)

Waterstones offer a blog in addition to their online book selling service, this blog covers a varied range of topics, including question and answers (Q&A), interviews with authors in addition to the promotion of books which they sell.



Topshop (, 2016)

Topshop offer an internal online magazine within their website, separate from their clothes selling service and is used as a look-book, to display their products to customers in a different way than click and search. The magazine features images of models wearing clothes within scenario’s or locations, for instance what to wear to a Christmas party. Furthermore, the magazine is used to highlight new collections. Readers may comment that Topshop is attempting to communicate with website visitors in a friendlier and less structured business tone.



WHSmith (WHSmith Blog, n.d.)

WHSmith offer a blog in addition to their varied range of products sold, this blog features D.I.Y tips, upcoming release posts, interviews, and upcoming events. All posts on this blog are created to engage the reader with the WHSmith brand increasing interactivity between the client and consumer.


A vast range of business research was conducted into numerous fashion and booksellers to discover most of these websites feature a blog in addition to their online shopping functionality, the purpose of these blogs is to engage and increase visitor interactivity with the brand and website, with the hope that by consistently posting visitors will be encouraged to return to the website, leading to the purchase of more products.

Modus Novels have therefore opted to create the additional feature of a blog on their E-Commerce website to discuss current issues, trends, and news within the fashion industry.



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