Promotion the big S word.

The advertising of companies has seen numerous developments throughout time, from print to television screens and televisions to computers, it is without a doubt that to remain successful modern companies must keep up to date with the latest promotional marketing trends.

Marketers across the world have identified the most current and effective form of promotion is through digital social media marketing. The number of Facebook users worldwide has doubled between 2010 and 2013, with Britain leading the way being the second largest social media using country in Europe (Tingle, 2015).

It can be argued that promotion and marketing has seen a shift from the old fashioned reactionary models demonstrated within television advertising towards an increasingly participation driven sector (Fromm and Garton, 2013). Where interaction with communities and supporters can help build your business (Evans, 2008). By identifying the importance of this trend Modus Novels conducted some research into the most effective forms of social media for communicating with target audiences.

With more than 1.55 Billion active users Facebook (Guide, 2016) is the most used social media platform worldwide, which contains a highly diverse and easily reachable audience. Due to its easily navigable and customisable pages Facebook is one of easiest social media platforms to begin with and would be highly beneficial for Modus Novels to use.

Twitter is crowned as being one of the most time efficient (Ingham, 2015) social media platforms of our time and is an ever-growing platform with 320 million active users in 2016 (, 2016). Twitters efficiency of posting in 140 characters or less, minimises the impact of lengthy posts which detract reader’s attentions or clogs their news/ social media feeds.

Modus Novels have opted to begin their social media marketing and promotion on these two platforms to assist the website in gaining a committed audience and reoccurring visitors, before moving onto other social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat. The placement of the social media logo’s is at the top of the navigation page/bar as it is easy for readers to locate and draws attention to the logo’s.



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