Product Categories – Why & how they are used.

Product categories are an essential feature to every online website, as they allow the organisation of products within different categories (interspire, n.d.) which may include brand, quality of product in addition to price.

Industry research was conducted to decide upon what product categories to use. It was discovered that many first-hand sellers such as Waterstones and WHSmith categorised their books based on genre; for instance, fiction and non-fiction each with their own subcategories, for example romance and history. The categorisation of products allows for effective site navigation, and enables the visitor to find what they are searching for at a faster rate compared to if products were not categorised.


Modus Novels will use a similar layout in their website creation and have placed their products within two major categories, books, and magazines. These categories will feature sub-categories to allow ease of navigation for site visitors. However, product categories have a further benefit of assisting a company to design and execute their marketing plan (Mack, n.d.) where product categorisation will assist owners to promote specific categories to specific people, for instance if one consumer has a heavy interest in fashion magazines, Modus Novels may consistently update this customer with new magazine additions.

As they have begun with a small selection of 15 books and magazines, for the mean-time the amount of product sub-categories is limited to factual, biographies and photographic books in addition to British Vogue and Suitcase Magazine, with an expectation that the number of sub-categories will grow in the future once more products are added.




Research highlighted that product categorisation is a vital element to all online businesses as it allows simple and effective navigation for customers/ site visitors in addition to assisting site owners in developing their strategic marketing plans. Modus Novels have launched their online business with a small amount of product categories, with the hope to expand and develop these in the future.


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