Semester Two: Selected social media.

Social media is a key platform for businesses looking to expand their horizon’s, and has become a key tool witin business marketing (Arnaboldi and Coget, 2016). The growth of social media in recent years has accounted towards a rise in brand receptiveness, as reported 92% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a company with social media channels (Baginski, 2013), compared with those companies who do not use social media. It is conclusively apparent that should Modus Novels succeed as a modern online business, then it should make use of social media channels to expand its presence and credibility with visitors. The owners of Modus Novels have selected Facebook as one of their social media platforms.

Facebook is considered one of the world’s largest social media platforms and leads the way with 1.4 billion monthly active mobile users worldwide (Inc, 2016). Numerous book selling businesses, such as Waterstones and WHSmith, use Facebook as one of their social media platforms, with the sole purpose of advertising upcoming events, new releases and communicating with their customers. However, despite being the leading social media platform, brand-generated content on Facebook is highly susceptible to failure (Weinberg, 2017) as Facebook is a community best suited towards inter-user engagement. In short, Facebook is great for communicating with friends, but less so if you want to promote a brand and/or company. Furthermore, Facebook’s susceptibility to bad press as evident in Solon’s (2017) article regarding the use of Facebook to brag about crimes, creates a sense of an unprofessional network.

Due to Facebook’s negative aspects, it was advisable for Modus Novels to use another form of social media to promote their E-store and brand, and therefore opted to conduct research into the following:

1. Twitter

Twitter, unlike Facebook is a much smaller network with 310 million active monthly users (Brandwatch, 2016). Critically it may not have the same user reach as Facebook, however it’s use for brand promotion and marketing is far preferred by many businesses , with 65% of American businesses (with over 100 employee’s) using Twitter as part of their digital marketing campaign (Brandwatch, 2016). Furthermore, it is not just business preference, consumers on Twitter are highly proactive when discovering a brand, as 54% of users surveyed by Twitter reported they had taken action, by visiting the brands site, searching or retweeting content (Brandwatch, 2016) after seeing a brand mentioned on Twitter.

2. Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform best suited towards images and aesthetic appeal, as opposed to word based platforms like Facebook and Twitter, supporting 600 million active monthly users, Instagram is not only larger than Twitter, it is consistently growing at a faster pace (Garun, 2016). Instagram, is not only an ideal place for users to post the most recent images of their vacation, it is also highly brand receptive with 70% of Instagram users following a business and 75% of these followers acting after viewing a business post (Instagram, 2016). Following research it is highly conclusive that Instagram is an ideal platform for brand and user engagement.

To determine whether website users would want Modus Novels to advertise through other social media platforms a questionnaire was conducted, amongst the brands target audience of 16 – 55-year old’s with an interest in fashion and design. In total 33 people were responsive to the survey. It is worthy of note that other social media platforms suggested in the survey were Tumblr, Google + and Ello.


The survey was conclusive in discovering that Modus Novel’s target market would prefer to be interacted with through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, this was due to them believing these are more professional platforms for brand and user engagement, than the other’s suggested. Those who answered Instagram stated that the use of imagery to communicate with users was well suited to the brand’s image and appearance, as many luxury brands in the fashion industry have increased Instagram marketing in recent years. Furthermore, users who answered Facebook as a preferred choice, did so due to their high usage of the platform. There was one individual who requested another social media platform be used called Google+, however it’s conclusive unpopularity throughout the questionnaire meant it was not selected for Modus Novels social media marketing.

To conclude, following research into social media sites in addition to surveying consumers, Modus Novels has opted to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as part of their social media marketing, due to their high user engagement in addition to overall brand suitability.


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