Semester two: Web analytics

Web analytics are a useful way for companies to monitor and track the visitors of a website. According to Beasley (2013) the most useful information gained from web analytics is the ability to record user viewership on pages with further insight into how and when they access a page. This information is highly valuable in gaining an insight into the behaviour and patterns of website visitors .

The use and integration of a web analytics platform on an E-Commerce store is therefore highly valuable, as not only will it provide an insight into visitors but will also allow website owners to identify what is working and fix what is broken (McMullen, 2016). Modus Novels have recognised the importance of website analytics and have opted to use Google analytics to monitor their E-Commerce site.

As a start-up company Modus Novels cannot afford high priced software and potentially lack business knowledge compared to larger book selling corporations. Google analytics will be beneficial for Modus Novels as it is a free service which delivers a highly user friendly experience (Plaza, 2011) making it easy to use for those who have not monitored their web analytics previously.

Once the plugin was installed Modus Novels then evaluated their current analytics.


The above image shows Modus Novels website interactions between the 21st and 25th of February, from this data it can be interpreted that the average length spent on the website per user is seven minutes. This clearly shows that Modus Novels is successful at retaining customer attention. In further support Nielsen (2011) estimates that the first 10 seconds are the most crucial when a user visits a site, as it is the period where people decide whether to leave or stay. Clearly during this period visitors found the site useful as they remained to interact with the E-commerce site. Furthermore, user activity was shown to be high due to the prevalence of 16.7% of customers who visited the site being a return visitor, this demonstrates that they found the website so appealing since their first visit, they returned to to website. One negative that can be drawn from the analytics are the number of users who visited in total. Despite the pie graph on the right detailing positive statistics, these only apply to a very small range of visitors, should Modus Novels wish to succeed as an online business it must increase how many users visit the site.

The issue regarding user numbers can be seen to be improving by the 27th of February, after the launch of various social media pages which increase brand visibility. Therefore, to resolve the issue regarding a lack of visitors Modus Novels aims to build and increase its social media marketing strategy across its range of social media platforms.


To conclude google analytics has been highly useful in allowing Modus Novels to evaluate its current performance with visitors, demonstrating the positives in addition to issues which need to be fixed. In particular, it has been identified that a major issue is how many users engage and interact with the brand, following the identification of this issue through google analytics, a solution of increasing social media activity was devised.


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Nielsen, Jakob. “How Long Do Users Stay On Web Pages?”. N.p., 2011. Available at: [accessed 27 Feb 2017]

McMullen, A. (2016). Google Analytics. Public services quarterly, 6(1), pp.21-22.

Plaza, B. (2011). Google Analytics for measuring website performance. Tourism Management, 32(3), pp.477 – 481.


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