Semester Two: YouTube evaluation

Prior to developing their video marketing strategy Modus Novels conducted research into their competitors and what style of video marketing they use.

Waterstones and WHSmith

Untitled.png(YouTube, n.d.)


(YouTube, n.d, b)

Waterstones and WHSmith adopt a very formal approach, by using question and answer sessions, discussions, and panel event videos to promote the products they are selling. This is an approach Modus Novels may consider for the future, once they have established a thriving community combined with high sales figures, as events promotion is an expensive field which Modus Novels are yet able to afford. Critically however Modus Novels can use a similar approach to their video’s where they may take a similar format that Waterstones and WHSmith use and convey it into their own theme. One example may be a small video into what the company stands for and wants to achieve, this would help to answer some questions watchers and the target audience may have about the Modus Novels brand.



(YouTube, n.d, c)

Taschen, like Waterstones and WHSmith apply a very formal tone to their videos, however rather than featuring events relating to their business, they post videos central to news in the fashion and design sector. An approach which Modus Novels would like to embark upon in future.

It is critical to note that of the competitors analysed all feature a very formal tone. Whilst this may be a tone which is reoccurring throughout the fashion and print industry, Modus Novels want to change the way people view fashion and literature. Some people may find the fashion industry to be elitist (Pithers, 2012) and too serious for the average working class and lower social status citizen, a tone which Modus Novels wish to move away from. In creating their video’s Modus Novels want the emphasise a fun, creative and approachable tone of voice, communicating the message that fashion is just not for the elite, it can inspire us and allow us to show the world who we want to be.


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