Semester Two: The importance of video marketing

As digital and social media marketing has become an essential tool in the promotion of business activity, so has video marketing. An estimated 90% of marketers claim that video marketing is an important tool (Hall, 2017) and are anticipating expanding their online communications strategy to fit video marketing in. Why are professionals keen on expanding their online horizons, and how does it benefit business?

Video marketing is beneficial for numerous reasons. It is an effective way to drive traffic to a website, especially those within the millennial target market, who enjoy video over print media (McCoy, 1997), video marketing has the potential to drive business success in a unique dynamic way. Furthermore, its reach is almost limitless with YouTube receiving 1 billion unique visitors per month (Trimble, 2015), not only is YouTube free and therefore significantly cheaper than paying for costly television commercials it has the potential to reach far more people within and outside a company’s target market in comparison to original marketing and advertising campaigns. Despite noting high engagement as a benefit Hudson (2014) is quick to criticise that not all business owners and marketing communications professionals are video makers with 49.8% of marketers stating video marketing is the hardest format to create. However, this can be overcome through detailed strategic planning or even hiring someone who is adapt at creating videos. It is evident the benefits of video marketing outweigh the negatives and would be useful to include it in Modus Novels digital marketing communications strategy. 

A journal article by Luke (2013) suggests how video marketing can be integrated into a company’s communications strategy, suggesting the following options as viable videos for businesses.

  • Company overview video
  • Video biography
  • Explanatory Video
  • Training video
  • Educational Video
  • Video press release
  • Website FAQ video
  • Email Video
  • Presentation video
  • Call to action Video
  • Trade show Video
  • Lobby Video

These suggestions will vary upon business type, for instance Modus Novels would not release a trade show video as the products they sell are not available at trade shows, and would further fail to suit their brand image.

Following research into viable video options Modus Novels have created the following video marketing videos.

  1.  An educational FAQ video – This video communicates to the audience that all shipping comes gift wrapped. The idea for complimentary gift wrapping was devised with the intention of Modus Novels giving something back to their audience and customers. Furthermore, the use of gift wrapping reinforces the luxury aspect and appeal of the Modus Novels brand. The Happiness Planners video campaign inspired this video. By using lots of images combined into a video to give the impression of a moving set, as seen below.

The Happiness planner: A beautiful gift (, 2017)

A similar style was attempted by Modus Novels (as linked below). Critically Modus Novels did not have access to a tripod or photographic lighting, hence the quality was not as good as desired. This video has been embedded into Modus Novels FAQ page as consumers may visit this page to find out more information regarding shipping and packaging quality, where it is hoped this video will answer their enquiry. (Page link: )

2. Following the first video Modus Novels attempted a second, this time a company overview video. Following identifying how hard it was to create their own, Modus Novels used a video software company to create the video in an animated format. This was ideal as it was quick and easy to create and could be brought without the watermark for as little as £10. This video will be used to convey how important the target audience is to Modus Novels and their ambition of building a community of fashion devotees. As seen in the link below. This video was embedded by Modus Novels into a pop-up as the visitor enters the website. Modus Novels did this as it was considered to be a beneficial introduction video to the website, detailing what Modus Novels sells, stands for and hopes to achieve.


In conclusion Modus Novels consider video marketing to be a vital part of their digital marketing communications strategy, allowing them to connect and reach their audience on a suitable, effective platform of YouTube. Despite supporting the validity of video marketing, following creating videos Modus Novels can relate to the criticism that video creation is a difficult task, however this difficulty brings beneficial returns.

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