Semester Two: Pay for click

Pay per click advertising allows advertisers to bid against each other for key words or phrases, competing to gain the highest ad placement in sponsored results (Jones, 2013) where the advertiser only pays if the consumer clicks on the advertisement to read more about a product (Fjell, 2009). The key difference between pay per click and pay per view advertising is that pay per view means the advertiser pays each time the consumer opens a website and views the advertisement (Fjell, 2009). Based on this research it appears that pay per click is the most efficient format of advertising when concerning expenditure, as a business will not be paying for wasted advertisement views. 

Modus Novels further weighed the advantages and disadvantages of using pay per click advertising. Using pay per click within a marketing strategy allows businesses to make quick targeted hits at their consumers, which provides measurable results (PR Newswire, 2016). This benefit allows Modus Novels to analyse how effective an advertising campaign is and make decisions for any future campaigns. Despite this benefit marketers are quick to criticise pay per click for encouraging click fraud. Click fraud occurs when rival companies or advertisers may impersonate a consumer and repetitively click search advertisements (Zhu, 2009), while this drives up website viewership it does not increase buying customers and can potentially drive up an advertising budget beyond what a company can afford. However, the dangers of going over budget can be avoided if Modus Novels used a reputable service, such as google ad words, which allows companies to set a budget and cancel the service at any time (Google n.d.). Furthermore, Google (n.d) note that advertising through pay per click allows companies to reach a potentially global audience, outside of their operating area. Overall the benefits of pay per click advertising outweigh the downfalls, as PPC will allow Modus Novels to advertise to a wider geographic of their target audience and to monitor and track the efficiency of advertisements in gaining buying customers.

Modus Novels have decided to create a series of banner campaigns to be used within their pay per click marketing strategy. Banner advertisements are noted to increase advertising and brand awareness in addition to purchase intentions and site visits (Manchanda et al., 2006).

  1.  The first banner created was a long banner intended to be shown as a side banner. This particular design will be featured on the right side of a website as Diana (2015) notes this location is the most effective at gaining a visitor’s attention. This banner promotes one of Modus Novels aims of generating a fashion community within it’s website, this is a feature of its social media strategy in which generating a community is intended to create a sense of belonging for their target audience. The title and text is aimed at generating interest and curiosity with the viewer, which in turn may encourage them to click on the ad to discover more about Modus Novels.

Can't beat the heat-

2) The second banner is a long banner intended to be shown at the bottom of a web page. This banner follows a similar concept as the first, by generating interest and curiosity. The words “A community”, are intended to increase website viewership in line with Modus Novels marketing strategy aim of creating a community of fashion devotees amongst its target audience.

New Stock

3) The third banner, intended to be shown anywhere due to its square shape, follows a different concept. The tagline “for the fashion devotee” communicates with the viewer what Modus Novels stands for and who its target audience is. The words “for the fashion devotee” may encourage the viewer to question whether they are this person, and if they are, it is hoped they will click the ad and visit the website to discover more about Modus Novels. The advertisement follows a more modern theme by implementing a QR code. Quick response codes are becoming  increasingly integrated into cross-media advertising,  though traditionally used in print media, QR codes are beginning to become integrated into online promotions (Okazaki, Li and Hirose, 2012). A trend Modus Novels are eager to test. Modus Novels further provided an example of how the ad may look placed on Facebook as a sponsored advertisement.

Modus Novels


4) Modus Novels created a fourth campaign, which could be shown anywhere, to help promote a specific product on the website, as the previous campaigns focused on company values and ambitions. This campaign, shown during the winter promotes suitcase magazine. Modus Novels chose to do this as this is a time of year where people are seeking change, development, and escapism; factors which suitcase focus their content upon. This campaign was used on Modus Novels social media channels to help promote the product.

let's just chill andstay home.png


To conclude Modus Novels have prepared four examples of banner campaigns which will be incorporated into their pay for click marketing strategy aimed at generating consumer attention and increasing website visitors. These banners work with the social media strategy of increasing website viewers and visibility alongside helping Modus Novels to enforce their ambition of building a community feeling amongst its target audience and customers.


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