Product Categories – Why & how they are used.

Product categories are an essential feature to every online website, as they allow the organisation of products within different categories (interspire, n.d.) which may include brand, quality of product in addition to price. Industry research was conducted to decide upon what product categories to use. It was discovered that many first-hand sellers such as Waterstones… Continue reading Product Categories – Why & how they are used.

Promotion the big S word.

The advertising of companies has seen numerous developments throughout time, from print to television screens and televisions to computers, it is without a doubt that to remain successful modern companies must keep up to date with the latest promotional marketing trends. Marketers across the world have identified the most current and effective form of promotion… Continue reading Promotion the big S word.

Additional Features – What and Why?

The internet has become a vastly diverse space for business owners and content creators, it’s no wonder when WordPress powers 24% of all internet websites (, n.d.) that the competition for online diversity and user appeal is ever growing and changing. Hence why many modern websites contain additional features to attract and retain customers, these… Continue reading Additional Features – What and Why?

Terms and Conditions.

Terms and conditions are a common occurrence to every website, and their importance to the operation of a company can sometimes be overlooked. Failure to display or create terms and conditions places a company at risk of potential legal claims from partners or clients following misunderstandings (Nielsen, 2015). When creating terms and conditions for an… Continue reading Terms and Conditions.

Fonts & Typography.

  Websites use different font styles to enhance readability. It must be considered how, something as seemingly simple as a font can impact a web page. Web development companies for instance Mellas(2016) note that the purpose “of your font selection or typeface is to convey the character or purpose of your website and content” emphasizing that the style… Continue reading Fonts & Typography.

Colour scheme’s an analysis.

Colour schemes are a highly essential part of any web page, it is noted that “90% of our assessment of a product is made on colour alone” (Design School, 2016) it is part of what draws us into a website making us want to stay and purchase goods. When devising a colour scheme, it is… Continue reading Colour scheme’s an analysis.