Semester Two: Facebook & Social Media Campaigns

Social media marketing has reached an unprecedented high over recent years, allowing companies to interact directly with their client base. Whilst the importance of social media marketing is paramount it is still advisable to plan accordingly and practice restraint, as ill-timed or misguided use of social media can lead to angry customers and a poor… Continue reading Semester Two: Facebook & Social Media Campaigns

Semester two: E-Marketing campaign

E-marketing can be defined as the use of web and email to drive sales (Beal, n.d.). According to Reimers, Chao and Gorman (2016) the internet has become the fastest growing shopping channel amongst consumers, for various reasons, such as time and effort required to produce content. Modus Novels, in addition to social media wishes to incorporate… Continue reading Semester two: E-Marketing campaign

Semester two: Web analytics

Web analytics are a useful way for companies to monitor and track the visitors of a website. According to Beasley (2013) the most useful information gained from web analytics is the ability to record user viewership on pages with further insight into how and when they access a page. This information is highly valuable in gaining… Continue reading Semester two: Web analytics

Semester two: SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a tool used by businesses for increasing traffic to websites, with the optimal aim of increasing website visibility and search engine rankings (Pophal, 2010). Traffic is increased through SEO by incorporating keywords into website pages and products. Keywords can further be referred to as focus words, these are words which sum… Continue reading Semester two: SEO

Semester Two: Selected social media.

Social media is a key platform for businesses looking to expand their horizon’s, and has become a key tool witin business marketing (Arnaboldi and Coget, 2016). The growth of social media in recent years has accounted towards a rise in brand receptiveness, as reported 92% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a company with… Continue reading Semester Two: Selected social media.

Product Categories – Why & how they are used.

Product categories are an essential feature to every online website, as they allow the organisation of products within different categories (interspire, n.d.) which may include brand, quality of product in addition to price. Industry research was conducted to decide upon what product categories to use. It was discovered that many first-hand sellers such as Waterstones… Continue reading Product Categories – Why & how they are used.

Promotion the big S word.

The advertising of companies has seen numerous developments throughout time, from print to television screens and televisions to computers, it is without a doubt that to remain successful modern companies must keep up to date with the latest promotional marketing trends. Marketers across the world have identified the most current and effective form of promotion… Continue reading Promotion the big S word.