Semester Two: Digital Marketing in action – An integrated approach.

The previous posts have reiterated the importance of digital marketing strategies for E-commerce companies, whether developing Pay per click campaigns or YouTube video’s it is vital to combine all aspects of a digital marketing strategy together. Modus Novels have created an integrated marketing campaign, one which creates a seamless experience for its target market to… Continue reading Semester Two: Digital Marketing in action – An integrated approach.

Semester Two: Pay for click

Pay per click advertising allows advertisers to bid against each other for key words or phrases, competing to gain the highest ad placement in sponsored results¬†(Jones, 2013) where the advertiser only pays if the consumer clicks on the advertisement to read more about a product (Fjell, 2009). The key difference between pay per click and… Continue reading Semester Two: Pay for click

Semester Two: Facebook & Social Media Campaigns

Social media marketing has reached an unprecedented high over recent years, allowing companies to interact directly with their client base. Whilst the importance of social media marketing is paramount it is still advisable to plan accordingly and practice restraint, as ill-timed or misguided use of social media can lead to angry customers and a poor… Continue reading Semester Two: Facebook & Social Media Campaigns

Semester two: E-Marketing campaign

E-marketing can be defined as the use of web and email to drive sales (Beal, n.d.). According to Reimers, Chao and Gorman (2016)¬†the internet has become the fastest growing shopping channel amongst consumers, for various reasons, such as time and effort required to produce content. Modus Novels, in addition to social media wishes to incorporate… Continue reading Semester two: E-Marketing campaign